Dear visitor,

Hello and welcome to Lonewolf's worlds. It's nice to meet you here.

I am glad that you find the time and especially for taking the time to poke around on this site to look at the pictures and read the posts.

The hobby scale modeling is my passion since childhood. Belonging to "Generation Airfix", almost exclusively kits from this company were built. The focus at that time was less on the correct representation of a model and its painting, but rather was done to satisfy the gambling instinct. This ultimately led to the fact that most models ultimately ended up in the trash.

Meanwhile, I'm getting on in years and the time was marked by long pauses in which I could not actively engage with the model myself. Other things (family, work) came to the fore, but the interest in modeling has never waned.

In recent years, I actually build models again after I have collected almost exclusively model kits in the meantime. I try to build and paint my models as good as I am able to do, without being a rivet counter. The emphasis is on the fun of it and switching off from everyday life.

I don’t have a particular focus on scale models. Although I am increasingly working in recent months painting figures in 1/72 scale, I also build cars, airplanes, ships, etc. And I'm not necessarily focused on plastic kits, even some wooden kit found the way to my work space.

I also like to visit Model exhibitions and fairs, provided they are not too far away. This is always a good chance for interesting and stimulating discussions with colleagues and gives me  the opportunity to replenish my model stockpile (you do not know what happens tomorrow ;-)).
And if I have no desire at all times to build models, I deal with my other hobbies Astronomy, stamps, and reading science fiction.
I wish you a good time and would be very happy if you stop by again.